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Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices v1.0

Question No: 61

An engineer receives a service ticket because a user cannot log into Cisco Unified CM User Options. Where can the engineer verify that the user account is active?

  1. LDAP System Configuration

  2. LDAP Directory

  3. End User Configuration

  4. LDAP Authentication

  5. Route Plan Report

Answer: C

Question No: 62

Which menu should be used to create a username and password in the Cisco Unified CME GUI?

  1. configure gt; pilot number

  2. configure gt; extension

  3. configure gt; phones

  4. configure gt; system parameters

Answer: C

Question No: 63

Which two user types are valid when a user is created in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

  1. local end user

  2. LDAP synchronized end user

  3. UDS end user

  4. EDI end user

  5. BDI end user

Answer: A,B

Question No: 64

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager system report shows high and low call volume patterns?

  1. CAR report

  2. QoS by Gateway

  3. QoS by call types

  4. Traffic summary

  5. Traffic summary by extension

Answer: D

Question No: 65

Which two benefits does Cisco Unified IM and Presence Service bring to businesses? (Choose two.)

  1. enhances productivity by using availability awareness and reduce communications delays

  2. provides Enterprise IM capabilities, such as persistent chat, group chat, and IM history

  3. provides and streamlines enterprise audio and video communications

  4. enhances communications by providing multipoint conference capabilities

  5. supports standard-based XMPP clients by supporting native SIP/SIMPLE and H.323 protocols

Answer: A,B

Question No: 66

An end user reports that conference calls are failing. Which fault domain should be investigated first?

  1. IP phone

  2. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Media Resources

  3. voice gateways

  4. network routers and switches

Answer: B

Question No: 67

Which two options are available when adding a user to Call Unity Express? (Choose two.)

  1. GUI

  2. CLI

  3. BAT

  4. TAPS

  5. LDAP

Answer: A,B

Question No: 68

Which port is the default port for SCCP call signaling on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. 2000

B. 2443

C. 5060

D. 5061

Answer: A

Question No: 69

Which three choices are functions or features of Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.)

  1. video-enabled messaging through converged networks

  2. text-to-speech, which allows access to Exchange emails from a telephone

  3. voice-enabled message navigation

  4. voice-enabled dialing to external users

  5. automated attendant capabilities

  6. automated call rerouting to agents through round robin, longest idle, or broadcast

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 70

User A notices echo on a call with user B. Both users are using Cisco VoIP phones. User B is using a headset, and user A is using a handset. What is the most likely source of the echo?

  1. user A handset

  2. user B headset

  3. disabled echo cancellation on user A phone profile

  4. disabled echo cancellation on user B phone profile

Answer: B

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